Problem Solving Techniques BCA

November 19, 2021 By techwithin 0

Problem Solving Techniques – BCA 1st Semester – NEP Syllabus 2021 Bangalore City University


Introduction: The Role of Algorithms in Computing, Algorithms as a technology, Analyzing algorithms, Designing algorithms, Growth of Functions, Asymptotic notation, Standard notations and common functions. Fundamental Algorithms

Exchanging the values of two variables, Counting, Summation of a set of numbers, Factorial Computation, Generating of the Fibonacci sequence, Reversing the digits of an integer, Character to number conversion.


C Programming: Getting Started, Variables and Arithmetic expressions. Input and Output: Standard input and output, formatted output- printf, variable length argument list, formatted input-scanf.

Control Flow: Statements and Blocks, If-else, else-if, switch, loops: while loop, for loop, do while, break and continue, goto and labels. Pointers and Arrays: pointers and address, pointers and function arguments, multidimensional array, initialization of pointer arrays, command line arguments.


Factoring Methods: Finding the square root of a number, the smallest Divisor of an integer, the greatest common divisor of two integers, computing the prime factors of an integer, generation of pseudo random numbers, raising a number to a large power.

Array Techniques: Array order Reversal, Array counting or Histogramming, Finding the maximum number in a set, removal of duplicates from an ordered array, partitioning an array, Finding the kth smallest element, multiplication of two matrices.


Merging: the two-way merge. Sorting: Sorting by selection, sorting by exchange, sorting by insertion, sorting by diminishing increment, sorting by partitioning

Searching: binary search, hash search. Text processing and Pattern searching: text line length adjustment, keyword searching in text, text line editing, linear pattern search