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Management Principles Applications Notes

March 20, 2023 By techwithin 0

MANAGEMENT PRINCIPLES AND APPLICATIONS : 1ST SEMESTER B.COM NEP BANGALORE CITY UNIVERSITY Source and Credits : Indeed, Wikipedia and others. TWO MARKS QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Unit 1: Introduction to Management 1) Mention the levels of Management.Ans) The three levels of management in most organizations are…

B.Com 1st Semester Question Papers

January 18, 2023 By techwithin 0

BCom 1st Semester Question Papers – NEP – Bangalore City University – 2021-2022 Kannada Question Paper : Vanijya Sourabha – 1 : Download Development Studies – Open Elective : Download Management Principles & Applications : Download Principles of Marketing : Download Financial Accounting : Download

Problem Solving Techniques BCA

November 19, 2021 By techwithin 0

Problem Solving Techniques – BCA 1st Semester – NEP Syllabus 2021 Bangalore City University UNIT – I Introduction: The Role of Algorithms in Computing, Algorithms as a technology, Analyzing algorithms, Designing algorithms, Growth of Functions, Asymptotic notation, Standard notations and common functions. Fundamental Algorithms Exchanging…

English Text Book NEP B.Com

November 16, 2021 By techwithin 0

English Text Book B.Com 1st Semester NEP Syllabus Bangalore City University The text book syllabus for B.Com 1st Semester English remains same as previous year except two chapters/poems have been removed. Work Book Contents are different Download the text book here. Text Book Contents Unit…

Discrete Structures – BCA

November 14, 2021 By techwithin 0

DISCRETE STRUCTURES – BCA 1st Semester NEP Syllabus 2021 Bangalore City University UNIT – I Set Theory and Logic: Fundamentals of Set theory, Set Operations and the Laws of Set Theory, Counting and Venn Diagrams, Cartesian Products and Relations, Functions–One-to-One, Onto Functions, Function Composition and…