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DATA STRUCTURES – BCA 1st Semester NEP Syllabus 2021 Bangalore City University


Introduction and Overview: Definition, Elementary data organization, Data Structures, data Structures operations, Abstract data types, algorithms complexity, time-space trade off. Preliminaries: Mathematical notations and functions, Algorithmic notations, control structures, Complexity of algorithms, asymptotic notations for complexity of algorithms. Arrays: Definition, Linear arrays, arrays as ADT, Representation of Linear Arrays in Memory,Traversing Linear arrays, Inserting and deleting, Multi-dimensional arrays, Matrices and Sparse matrices.


Linked list: Definition, Representation of Singly Linked List in memory,Traversing a Singly linked list, Searching in a Singly linked list, Memory allocation, Garbage collection, Insertion into a singly linked list, Deletion from a singly linked list; Doubly linked list, Header linked list, Circular linked list. Stacks: Definition, Array representation of stacks, Linked representation of stacks, Stack as ADT, Arithmetic Expressions: Polish Notation, Conversion of infix expression to postfix expression, Evaluation of Post fix expression, Application of Stacks, Recursion, Towers of Hanoi, Implementation of recursive procedures by stack. Queues: Definition, Array representation of queue, Linked list representation of queues. Types of queue: Simple queue, Circular queue, Double-ended queue, Priority queue, Operations on Queues, Applications of queues.


Binary Trees: Definitions, Tree Search, Traversal of Binary Tree, Tree Sort, Building a Binary Search Tree, Height Balance: AVL Trees, Contiguous Representation of Binary Trees: Heaps, Lexicographic Search Trees: Tries, External Searching: B-Trees, Applications of Trees. Graphs: Mathematical Back ground, Computer Representation, Graph Traversal, Topological Sorting


Searching: Introduction and Notation, Sequential Search, Binary Search, Comparison of Methods. Sorting: Introduction and Notation, Insertion Sort, Selection Sort, Shell Sort, Divide And Conquer, Merge sort for Linked List, Quick sort for Contiguous List. Hashing: Sparse Tables, Choosing a Hash function, Collision Resolution with Open Addressing, Collision Resolution by Chaining.