English Text Book NEP – B.Com

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English Text Book – B.Com 1st Semester NEP Syllabus Bangalore City University

The text book syllabus for B.Com 1st Semester English remains same as previous year except two chapters/poems have been removed.

Work Book Contents are different

Download the text book here.

English 1st Semester BCOM NEP Syllabus Bangalore City University

Unit 1: Receptive Skills: Reading Skills and Listening Skills 
Chapter 1: Comprehension passages (Skimming and Scanning) 
Chapter 2: Interpretation Skills – Bar Graphs, Flow Charts, Mind Map, Pie Chart 
Chapter 3: Listening vs. hearing Types of Listening 
Chapter 4: Listening Skills – Job interviews and Conversations (Audios and Videos) 
Unit 2: Productive Skills: Speaking Skills and Writing Skills 
Chapter 5: Introducing oneself, Introducing others, Making Requests, Offering help,
Congratulating, Making enquiries and Seeking permission.
Chapter 6: Giving instructions to do a task and to use a device, Giving Directions 
Chapter 7: Question Forms, Question Tags. 
Chapter 8: Subject -Verb Agreement, Derivatives 
Chapter 9: Acceptance Bhaswar Mukherjee 
Chapter 10: Sonnet 106 William Shakespeare 
Chapter 11: Marriage is a Private Affair Chinua Achebe 
Chapter 12: On Buying and Selling Khalil Gibran 
Chapter 13: Towards a Competitive Nation A.P.J. Abdul Kalam 
Chapter 14: Freedom and Choice N. Krishnaswamy – 
English 1st Semester BCOM English Text Book nep