Principles of Marketing NEP

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Principles of Marketing NEP – Bangalore City University – NEP Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction to Marketing

Introduction-Nature-Scope-Importance of Marketing; Concepts & Approaches of

Marketing: Need-Want-Demand-Customer Value-Customer Creation; Evolution of marketing; Selling vs Marketing; Marketing Environment: Concept-importance-Micro and Macro Environment. Marketing Management-Meaning-importance.

Module 2: Consumer Behavior & Market segmentation

Consumer Behavior: Nature and Importance-Consumer buying decision process; Factors influencing consumer buying behavior; Market segmentation: Concept, importance and bases; Target market selection-Positioning concept-Importance and bases; Product differentiation vs. market segmentation. Marketing Mix: Product-Price-Place & Promotion.

Module 3: Product and Pricing

Product: Concept and importance-Product classifications-Concept of product mix;

Branding-packaging and labeling; Product-Support Services; Product life-cycle; New Product Development Process; Consumer adoption process. Pricing: Significance. Factors affecting price of a product. Pricing policies and strategies.

Module 4: Promotion and Distribution

Promotion: Nature and importance of promotion; Communication process; Types of promotion: advertising, personal selling, public relations & sales promotion, and their distinctive characteristics; Promotion mix and factors affecting promotion mix decisions.

Distribution Channels and Physical Distribution: Channels of distribution – meaning and importance; Types of distribution channels; Functions of middle man; Factors affecting choice of distribution channel; Wholesaling and retailing; Types of Retailers; e-retailing, Physical Distribution.

Module 5: Recent Developments in Marketing

Social Marketing, online marketing, direct marketing, services marketing, green marketing, Rural marketing; Consumerism, Search Engine Marketing-Mobile Marketing- Marketing Analytics-Social Media Marketing-Email Marketing-Live Video Streaming Marketing- Network Marketing, any other recent developments in Marketing.

Principles of Marketing NEP Syllabus of BCU