Management Principles Applications NEP

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Management Principles and Applications – Bangalore City University – NEP Syllabus

Module 1 : Introduction to Management Introduction

Meaning and importance of Management-Managerial Functions- Essence of Managership-Evolution of the Management thoughts: Classical organizational theories- Neo- Classical theories-Modern organizational theories.

Module 2 : Planning 

Introduction-Meaning-Nature-Purpose-Types of plans-Planning process; Strategic planning: Concept-Process-Importance and Limitations; Environmental Analysis and diagnosis

Meaning-importance and Techniques (SWOT/TOWS/WOTS-UP-BCG Matrix- Competitor Analysis); Decision-making-Concept-Importance-Committee and Group decision making Process.

Module 3 : Organizing

Introduction-Meaning-Concept and Process of Organizing – An overview-Span of management-Different types of authority (line, staff and functional)-Decentralization- Delegation of authority; Formal and Informal Structure-Principles of Organizing; Network Organization Structure.

Module 4: Staffing and Leading 

Introduction-Staffing: Concept of Staffing-Staffing Process; Motivation: Concept- Importance-extrinsic and intrinsic motivation-Major Motivation theories: Maslow’s Need- Hierarchy Theory – Hertzberg’s Two-factor Theory-Vroom’s Expectation Theory;

Leadership: Concept- Importance-Major theories of Leadership (Likert’s scale theory, Blake and Mouten’s Managerial Grid theory, House’s Path Goal theory, Fred Fielder’s situational Leadership)

Transactional leadership, Transformational Leadership, Transforming Leadership;

Communication: Concept-purpose-process-Oral and written communication- Formal and informal communication networks-Barriers to communication-Overcoming barriers to communication.

Module 5: Controlling and Coordination Control

Concept-Process-Limitations-Principles of Effective Control-Major Techniques of control – Ratio Analysis, ROI, Budgetary Control, EVA, PERT/CPM, Emerging issues in Management

Coordination: Meaning-Nature-Importance-Principles of Coordination.Management Principles and Applications Syllabus