CRED Flash from CRED

July 17, 2023 By techwithin 0

CRED Flash is a Pay Later service introduced by CRED. Anybody using CRED having good CIBIL score can get Flash pay later service, which will be notified in the CRED app itself. I got 5000 INR Limit, myself using CRED nearly 1 year and I rate CRED the best Credit Card payment application.

Coming towards CRED Flash, one can use the limit to pay bills and supported merchants mainly like Swiggy, Apollo Pharmacy, Urban Company and others listed in CRED App, one cannot use the limit to pay to UPI or Scan QR nor pay Credit Card bills which is offered by PostPe. Bill needs to be cleared by 5th of following month, there are late fees associated if not paid within due date. Currently there are no additional fees like convenience fee or any extra fees, you only have to pay what you have used without any additional amount within due date.