Norton Ghost 2003 Windows 7

July 20, 2023 By techwithin 0

Norton Ghost is one of the best disk image backup software which helps to recover from disasters of windows. 2003 version is the only version which is the best out of all the new version released by Norton. Though newer version supports new features & OS, 2003 version is the best & easiest backup solution available for Windows XP & Windows 7.

Although Windows 7 has a compatible issue with Norton Ghost version 2003, one can easily install the application just ignoring the issues which occurs while installation.

In order to keep a backup of drives in Windows 7 with this version, there should be no additional partition that is system reserve which will be about 100MB. So, create a partition with Windows XP CD or any other partition tools.Run the application with administrator privileges if you get any error.

Norton Ghost 2003 Download

Symantec’s Norton Ghost 2003 is the oldest and best image backup software available for up-to Windows 7.

Download the full version here are the website, here.

Ghost can also be used in Windows 11 with GPT supported hard drives with Symantec Ghost, although there are no new versions are available now.

There are lots of alternatives out there, majority of them are shareware, softwares such as AOMEI Backupper, Easeus TODO Backup are few to name.