Generate Let’s Encrypt SSL easily

December 12, 2022 By techwithin 0

Let’s Encrypt is the world’s largest certificate authority which has powered over 300 million websites with free SSL.

Let’s Encrypt provide 90 Days validity certificate which needs to be generated every 90 days manually and need some technical skills,

there are some site which provide Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate easily but they have limitations.

If you want to generate Let’s Encrypt SSL easily then there is a site called Punch Salad SSL Generator where you can any create number of SSL certificates with ease for your sites,

you just need to enter the domain name and its version such as www and non www version and create the certificate by accepting terms, later verify the domain of your site by placing a file provided in root folder of your domain and just verify then wait few seconds for the SSL certificate to be generated.

After the certificate is generated you just need to paste the appropriate codes in SSL/TLS section in cPanel.