WWE RAW PC Game Download

October 2, 2022 By techwithin 0

WWE RAW PC Game Download

wwe raw pc game download

WWE RAW by THQ is a professional wrestling video game released on PC and XBOX in the year 2002. Game includes over 10 Arenas, in game interference, unlockable weapons, variety of matches to fight.

1. Minimum Requirements

WWE Raw has the following minimum

Windows 98/ME/XP compatible computer system with DirectX 8.1
Pentium III 500 Mhz Processor
3D Graphics Accelerator Card
128 MB RAM
1.05 GB of free Hard Drive Space
DirectX certified sound card
100% Microsoft compatible mouse and keyboard

Recommended Specs
Pentium III or K6-2 500 Mhz Processor
3D Graphics Accelerator Card with 16 MB of VRAM
128 MB RAM
EAX Compatible Sound Card

WWE Raw has been tested with the following video cards:

NVidia Geforce, Geforce 2, and 3
NVidia TNT and TNT2.
ATI Radeon 7000, 7200, 7500 and 8500
Matrox G450

If your card is not on the list, you can still run WWE Raw but may
experience technical problems.

Download the game here