Will WWE Network Launch in India?

September 8, 2015 By techwithin 0

WWE Network is the paid streaming service which is currently available in 140 countries. I am much waiting for the launch of WWE Network in India. According to wikipedia future launch of the Network will be available in coming years for India, Japan, UAE and others.
I am hoping to see the Network to Launch in India before Wrestlemania 32 probably which will be The Undertaker’s last match amidst 100k fans at AT&T Stadium.

Updated 21st September 2015

The Undertaker has got another PPV match before WM 32
We are going to see The Undertaker’s Rematch against Brock Lesnar in upcoming PPV Hell in a Cell 2015 on October 25th which will be the main event of this PPV which takes place at Staples Center. Most people thought this rematch would happen in WM 32.

In No Mercy 2002 Taker & Lesnar faced in their first Hell in a Cell match where Taker lost to him, this time I hope to see Flawless victory of The Undertaker against Lesnar.

Hell in a Cell 2015 will be telecasted Live in India on TenSports at 4.30Am on Monday the 26th October early morning. The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar which will be the main event so this match will be after 6.30 AM IST.