StepUp Credit Card

July 22, 2023 By techwithin 0

StepUp Credit Card issued by SBM Bank partnered with PaisaBazaar is a Secured Credit Card which is given against fixed deposit.

Anyone above the age 18 can get this card regardless of their income proof, only thing needed is minimum deposit of 2000 Rupees to get the card.

Benefits of the Card

User will earn 6.4% interest on their Fixed Deposit. Interest charged for purchases is 36% PA.

100% limit of the FD, maximum amount one can deposit is 1 Lakh.

User can have 3 different FDs in the same account and limit to the card till the maximum 1 Lakh.

StepUp Credit Card or any other secured Credit Card helps building one’s CIBIL score or help any other who never have any loan and want to apply one in future.

Everyone can earn reward points and convert it to cash easily in the application of PaisaBazaar as there no variants of Credit Card.

Last but not least, there are no joining fees or annual fees, except for the FD deposit of 2000.

Step Up Credit Card Offers :

You will also get offers from BookMyShow time to time, you can get up-to 150rs off tickets. At Amazon one can get up-to 500rs off on RuPay Credit Card during offers time.

Way to Get this Card

Anybody interested in getting this card can simply download the PaisaBazaar application and complete KYC details using AADHAR.

After successful process, one would get the virtual card immediately soon after making first FD, within 30 days or so you would get a physical card delivered to your address.

Note :

Card issued by RuPay that means card will be valid only in India. Virtual Card can only be used online while Physical Card can be used where ever RuPay is accepted be it online or offline.

Payments to this card can only be made through PaisaBazaar app or website.

One cannot pay via CRED or any other UPI applications and also one cannot enable UPI payments through secured credit cards which is a trending feature now a days.

One can enjoy all the features of the regular Credit Card except only one thing is that you cannot convert the transactions over 2000 Rupees in to EMI.

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