Problem Solving Techniques QP

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Problem Solving Techniques 2022 Question Paper – NEP – Bangalore City University


I.          Answer any Four questions, each carries Two marks.                               (4×2=8)

1)         What is an Algorithm? Give one of its advantages.

2)         Define Asymptotic notation. List any two.

3)         Write-the basic structure of C program.

4)         What is on array? Write the statements to print the elements of an array.

5)         What is hash search?

6)         Mention any two differences between linear search and binary search.


II.         Answer any four questions each carries five marks.                                  (4×5=20)

7)         Differentiate between while and do-while loop. Illustrate with example.

8)         Write a program to find whether a given number is prime number or not.

9)         Example bitwise operators in C with suitable examples.

10)       Write a C program to compute GCD of two integers. Use a function to compute GCD

11)       Write an algorithm for selection sort. Illustrate with an example.

12)       Explain two way merge with example.         


III.       Answer any Four questions each carries Eight marks                            (4X8=32)

13)       Explain the different data types supported by C language Mention their range and size.

14)       What is type casting? Write a C program to differentiate implicit and explicit type casting.

15)       Explain the difference between call by reference and call by value with an example for each.

16)       Write a C program to perform multiplication of 2 matrices.

17)       Write a pseudocode to implement binary search. Illustrate with example.

18)       Write a C program to implement Quick sort and explain with an example.

Problem Solving Techniques 2022 Question Paper – NEP – Bangalore City University

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