People Management NEP Syllabus

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People Management NEP Syllabus Bangalore City University


Unit 1: Introduction to People Management

Diversity in organization: age, gender, ethnicity, race, and ability.
People Management: Meaning, Features, Significance of People Management, Difference between People Management and Human Resource Management, Impact of individual and organizational factors of People Management.

Unit 2: Getting Work Done and Assessment and Evaluation

Getting work done: Challenges of getting work done, significance of prioritization and assigning work to team members. Performance Management: meaning, role of a manager in the different stages of the performance management process.

Types of Performance assessment, Assessment and Evaluation Process of evaluation of tasks in the organization.  Modern tools of assessment and evaluation of tasks and performance.

Unit 3: Building Peer Networks and Essentials of Communication

Building Peer Networks: Understanding the importance of peer networks in an organization; being able to influence those on whom you have no authority; challenges Peer networking and different types of people networking in the workplace.

Essentials of Communication: Concept of the communication process with reflection on various barriers to effective communications and ways to overcome, Types of Communication and Channels of Communication.

Unit 4: Motivation

Meaning, Importance and need for motivation, team motivation – meaning, importance team motivators, types of Motivators and Modern methods of motivation.

Unit 5: Managing Self

Reflection on what does it mean to be a people manager; building a personal development plan for oneself, Self-Stress Management: Causes for stress, work life balance, Importance of Work life balance, Factors influencing work life balance.

People Management Notes

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  1. What is workforce diversity?
    Ans) Workforce diversity means similarities and differences among employees in terms of age, cultural background, race, religion, gender and other attributes.
  2. Give the meaning of People Management.
    Ans) People Management refers to the practice of recruiting, training, engaging and retaining employees to optimize their talent and maximize their productivity.