Nov 29, 2015

Ad Exchanger, Wonderland and other Adware Removal Guide

Ad Exchanger Wonderland Ads & other Pop Up Ads Network sites hijacks the browser or DNS setting of our computer unknowingly.
1) Browsing speed will be slow
2) Redirection to their site
3) Most of the website would be unaccessible and you might see this page is forbidden.
4) Chances of personal data theft via adwares unknowingly.

Adware Removal Method 1st Method
Download this application Adware Removal Tool and scan your system, if infections are found they can be removed.

If still the issue is not solved even after trying with other adware removal tools then try second method.

Second Method

Check whether the DNS settings of Modem/Router has been changed, if so, change what your ISP recommends or use Google Public DNS

Note : If DNS has been changed there is no use of reinstalling the OS, just change the DNS settings.

Nov 27, 2015

BSNL Speed Top Up Needs OTP

Currently BSNL is providing High Speed Top Up to ULD Plans after reaching fair usage policy. This is a great opportunity when High speed is necessary in certain times. Current price of 20GB Top Up is 500 INR.
This post I created to tell about but Speed Top Up has the advantage as well has a disadvantage what I mean is probably when usage quota is completed when others are at home or office using when they see speed top up message with or without noticing they might top up easily without our permission for this reason we need a one time password to activate the pack. BSNL must implement this feature in future. This OTP is definitely needed especially who uses ULD plans in office where others use the net and most importantly in Cyber Cafes.

Nov 7, 2015

Aircel New Offer November 2015 – Unlimited 3g for 9 Rs per day

November 7th 2015
Aircel has launched unlimited 3g which offers 3G speed till 100mb per day later 2g at 16kbps unlimited for 28 Days,
Currently this plan is working in Bangalore.
28*9=252 Rs which gives 2.8GB with limitation of 100MB 3G speed per day later 2g unlimited.
Pack has to be activated from Main Balance. Can also be deactivated easily.

I came to know that Aircel Main Balance Internet Charges is 10 Rs per MB which is very costly when compared to PI8 which offers 40mb for 8 Rs.

Oct 25, 2015

WWE Network Launch in India Confirmed

According to WWE Official website, WWE Network is going to launch in India from Monday November 2nd 2015.


Oct 3, 2015

Aircel offer for Karnataka – 78 Rs 2 GB 2G Data for 30 Days

October 3rd 2015

Aircel currently has the offer for 78 Rs as special recharge which gives 2GB 2G data for 30 days for Karnataka circle.
Aircel also have a special 1 GB 3G Data for 97 Rs with 10 days validity named PI 97. This offer can be recharged by dialing *121# and select the 1 GB offer.
Update : Offer has expired

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