EA Sports Cricket 2002 PC Game Download

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Cricket 2002 by Electronic Arts Sports is the classic game which was released in February 2002 for PC and Playstation 2. Game includes commentary by Richie Benaud and Jim Maxwell. Game includes many stadiums around the world. Download the game at archive.org website, here.

Norton Ghost 2003 Download

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Norton Ghost 2003 Download Symantec’s Norton Ghost 2003 is the oldest and best image backup software available for upto Windows 7. Download the full version here are the archive.org website, here. Know here how to use Norton Ghost 2003 on Windows 7, here.

DATA STRUCTURES – BCA 1st Semester NEP Syllabus 2021 Bangalore City University

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UNIT-I Introduction and Overview: Definition, Elementary data organization, Data Structures, data Structures operations, Abstract data types, algorithms complexity, time-space trade off. Preliminaries: Mathematical notations and functions, Algorithmic notations, control structures, Complexity of algorithms, asymptotic notations for complexity of algorithms. Arrays: Definition, Linear arrays, arrays as…