Apr 27, 2013

Accessing System Volume Information Folder

Accessing System Volume Information Folder:

System Volume Information is a system folder which will be hidden that stores all the data needed for system restore tool. Every partition has its own System Volume folder.
System Volume Information folder is a storehouse for viruses because most of the viruses automatically gets to this folder so that even if the user restores won’t be safe from the virus.
In order to gain access this folder and delete the unwanted data there is command called CACLS.

1. Go to Folder Options & select Show Hidden Files & Folder.
2. Then select Hide Protected Operating System Files accept the warning.
3. Open cmd from Run
4. Type the command cacls “driveletter:\System Volume Information” /E /G username:F
Ex. cacls “C:\System Volume Information” /E /G username:F
Note: In Command Prompt before appling cacls you should be in the root folder of the partition which you need to access.
5. After that you’ll see the message processed dir x:\system volume information
6. Now you can access the folder
7. Repeat the same for the other partition with their drive name

system volume information

Apr 26, 2013

Backup Firefox History & Extensions

It is important to keep the extensions and their settings whenever reinstalling windows or use the same profile on notebook or any other PC.

Easy Method
Download Mozback and take the backup

Manual Method
In Windows XP
In the folder Documents and Settings for current user in C or any other drive the OS is installed you will find Application Data\Mozilla. Copy and keep the Mozilla folder anywhere in safe place, whenever you need the backup to be restored just copy and replace the Firefox folder there.
Also, copy and backup the contents from C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla, this contains cache and history of firefox.

Note: Application Data & Local Settings are Hidden Folder, so you should need to Enable View Hidden Folder from Folder Options.

Apr 25, 2013

Disabling Session Restore in Firefox

By default Firefox sets the Session Restore Enabled, this a good feature but sometimes it can reveal what you have visited when the power goes unexpectedly and you leave the PC later someone else open the Firefox browser without your notice.

1. Open the Firefox Browser
2. In the address bar type about:config
3. Accept the Warning
4. In the search bar type session, immediately you’ll see some preference settings
5. Go to browser.sessionstore.resume_from_crash and set the value to false
6. Restart the Browser

session restore

Apr 21, 2013

HP v165w 16 GB USB Flash Drive

HP v165w is a small sized low profile flash drive comes in blue color. The 16 GB model currently costs $12.99 at Newegg. In India it currently costs Rs. 550/- which is a great deal on the market now.

There is now flash LED indicator.  This drive has a capacity of 15.1 GB.

Transfer speed is very good for a USB 2.0 flash drives  which is up to 8MB/s to Write and up to 25MB/s for Read.

Real word tranfer speeds test:

Total time taken to copy 15 GB single file from hard disk : 37 Minutes 20 Seconds at an Average of 6.9 MB/s

Time taken for the same file to copy back to the hard disk from the flash drive : 11 Minutes 55 Seconds at an average of 21 MB/s.

The product has a limited 1 year warranty and the support is from PNY.

HP v165w 16 GB USB Flash Drive

HP v165w 16 GB USB Flash Drive

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