Operating Systems – Bangalore City University – NEP

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OPERATING SYSTEMS NEP Syllabus – BCA 3rd Semester – Bangalore City University & Bangalore University

Introduction: Computer System Organization, Architecture, Structure, Operations, Process Management,
Memory Management, Storage Management, Kernel Data Structures, Computing Environments.
Operating System Structures: Services, System Calls, Types, Operating System Structure, System Boot.
Processes: Process Concept, Scheduling, Operations, Interprocess Communication. Multi threaded
Programming: Multi-core Programming, Multi-threading Models.

Process Synchronization: The Critical-Section Problem, Peterson’s Solution, Synchronisation Hardware,
Mutex Locks, Semaphores, Classic Problems of Synchronization, Monitors, Synchronization Examples.
Process Scheduling: Criteria, Scheduling Algorithms, Multi-Processor Scheduling, Real-time CPU
Scheduling. Deadlocks: System model, Characterization, Methods for handling deadlocks, Deadlock
Prevention, Avoidance, Detection and Recovery from deadlock.

Memory Management Strategies: Background, Swapping, Contiguous Memory Allocation,
Segmentation, Paging, Structure of the Page Table. Virtual Memory Management: Demand Paging;
Copy-on-Write, Page Replacement; Allocation of Frames; Thrashing, Memory-Mapped Files, Allocating
Kernel Memory. File System: File Concept, Access Methods, Directory and Disk Structure, Protection.
File-System Implementation: Structure

File-System and Directory Implementation, Allocation Methods, Free Space Management, Efficiency
and Performance, Recovery. Mass-Storage Structure: Overview, Disk Scheduling, Disk Management.
Distributed Systems: Advantages, Types of Network- based OS, Robustness, Design Issues, Distributed
File Systems. Case Studies: The Linux System, Windows 10 (Process, Memory, storage management).