Feb 7, 2015

Nvidia GTX 950

After successful launch of GTX 960, Nvidia might launch GTX 950 during second half of the year of 2015.
GTX 960 is a worthfull buy for under 200$.
The chances of GTX 950 will be priced around 150$ which would cost almost 10,000 to 12,000 Rs in India.

Anyone who wants to buy a new graphic card in coming days we would recommend to wait until the launch of GTX 950 If you preferred GTX 750 or 750 ti. But if you can’t wait it is recommended to go either with 750ti or GTX 960 if your budget is inside 200$.

Nvidia GTX 950 will come with two variants one is Ti version while other is non ti, both card will be equipped with 2GB DDR5 RAM, probably both version of GTX 950 does not need any additional power connectors.

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