Management Principles and Applications QP

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Management Principles and Applications NEP Question Paper 2022 Bangalore City University

I Semester B.Com/LSCM/IAS Degree Examination, May/June – 2022
Management Principles and Applications
(NEP Semester Scheme – 2021-2022)
Time: 2½ Hours Maximum Marks: 60

Answer any five sub-questions, each question carries two marks. (5×2=10)
a. Mention the levels of management.
b. What is policy?
c. Define leadership.
d. Define communication.
e. What is controlling?
f. What is unity of command?
g. What is informal organization?
Answer any Four of the following. Each question carries Five marks. (4×5=20)

  1. Briefly explain the importance of management.
  2. Distinguish between formal and informal organization.
  3. Briefly explain the steps in planning.
  4. Write a note on principles of co-ordination.
  5. State the limitations of written communication.

Answer any Two of the following questions. Each question carries Twelve marks. (2×12=24)

  1. What is motivation? Explain the prof. Maslow’s theory of motivation.
  2. Explain the principles of organization.
  3. Discuss the steps in controlling process.
    Answer any One of the following questions. The question carries Six marks. (1 x6=6)
  4. Briefly explain the types of plans.
  5. Explain PERT and CPM.

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