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Problem Solving Using C – BCA 1st Semester – NEP Lab Manual – Bangalore City University

BCA Lab Manual

Write, and execute C program for the following:

  1. to read radius of a circle and to find area and circumference
  2. to read three numbers and find the biggest of three
  3. to check whether the number is prime or not
  4. to read a number, find the sum of the digits, reverse the number and check it for palindrome
  5. to read numbers from keyboard continuously till the user presses 999 and to find the sum of only positive numbers
  6. to read percentage of marks and to display appropriate message (Demonstration of else-if ladder
  7. to find the roots of quadratic equation
  8. to read marks scored by n students and find the average of marks (Demonstration of single dimensional array)
  9. to remove Duplicate Element in a single dimensional Array
  10. to perform addition and subtraction of Matrices
  11. to find factorial of a number
  12. to generate fibonacci series
  13. to remove Duplicate Element in a single dimensional Array
  14. to find the length of a string without using built in function
  15. to demonstrate string functions
  16. to read, display and add two m x n matrices using functions
  17. to read a string and to find the number of alphabets, digits, vowels, consonants, spaces and special characters.
  18. to Swap Two Numbers using Pointers
  19. to demonstrate student structure to read & display records of n students
  20. to demonstrate the difference between structure & union.

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Syllabus of Problem Solving Techniques