Is it possible to earn from ScarletClicks

March 14, 2023 By techwithin 0

Is it possible to earn from ScarletClicks?

Scarletclicks is an PTC/GPT site where an can user earn few cents per tasks or offer. Site which was launched in 2008 is still paying the users without a miss. Site has two sister sites with almost the same features but with different pricing in membership and advertising.

So, How much can one earn from the said site and its other sites?

In Scarlet-clicks 90% of the ads are self sponsored, so does the other sites too. So, they can’t provide free users one cent ads which is a premium feature.

Coming to the ptc ads, one will be able to earn nearly half a cent a day from ptc ads, other option are offer section which are Geo-targeted surveys and application installation offers which provide more earnings but most of the surveys will screens one out even after providing right answers, so does the app installation on mobile, so offer section is not at all recommended.

An user can earn $0.15 per month from ptc, time taken per day is nearly 2 minutes. So, to earn minimum payment the site offer which is $2 you need to click for 14 months roughly 14 hours of work. The amount can be withdrawn to Payeer, AirTM, Faucetpay. The payment will be made after 7 days from date of request.

So, is there a way to earn even faster from membership the site features?

This is where most of the user falls to the trap of the membership the site offers.

Example : An user has to purchase a membership minimum Yearly Gold which costs $100 and rent referrals atleast 500. Note A rented referral is nothing but a bot which is controlled by bot add-on from Evolution Script where an admin can set his desired values to the bots depending on the membership.

Example for upfront investment with the above $100 for membership + $80 for 500 bots + $672 for 365 days extension which will be $852 per year.

So for this investment you will get back with the current average of 5 you will get $900 that means $48 profit, from premium ads, one can earn additional $20. So for your $850 investment you would get back $70 in the end making almost $6 per month.

Never ever invest not even one cent to any PTC sites even though it is trusted or paying from years.

Note : This is not guaranteed

The above was just an example, do your own research, don’t fall to stats from users of their forum, especially their account building tactics. Referral average can vary, it will be high initially and starts to show its true colors in few days.

This applies to all PTC sites. The only way is stay away from all PTC sites, not only it steals your time it steals hard earned money. Just try as a free user if you want to.

Yes, there are users who are making good money, why not 1% users can earn high profit when 99% innocents are losing.

So in India 75000 INR deposit in a Nationalized Bank can return almost 7% interest that means nearly 450Rs profit without any risk.

Never ever fall to trap for the promo which site offers during certain days luring to give 30% extra for $1000 deposited and so on.

One of the best PTC site which is better is where user can earn almost $1 per month with ease without any investment.

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