Feb 4, 2015

ICICI B2 – PayPal & Play Store for India


icici b2

Its really difficult to verify PayPal account of Indians without a credit card. The debit cards which might be accepted by PayPal for Indians are ICICI Bank which requires high minimum balance not everybody can afford.

ICICI Bank has also have a zero balance saving account which is digital account.

ICICI B2 which is of zero balance savings account & provides a virtual credit card which can be used to verify PayPal account and do purchases at Google Play Store without any hassles.

Getting an B2 account is simple, visit there site for more information here

Uses of B2 Account

Easy to use, fund via NEFT, withdraw b2 funds to your other bank accounts via NEFT

  • Better Interest rate for Savings Account
  • Can be used to do mobile recharge, pay electricity bills, etc

Uses of B2 Virtual Card

  • Can be used online anywhere VISA is accepted
  • Can be used to verify PayPal account
  • Can be used to make purchases at Play Store

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