Fix Re Installing of OS Problem

March 30, 2015 By techwithin 0

My PC was running to slow; I thought that the issue might be due to virus or some other reasons which wasn’t. I had kept a safe backup image of the windows with Norton Ghost, even restoring didn’t solve the problem. So I decided to reinstall the OS, I tried many times for installing which was failing in the midst of the installation due to copy error or resource not found. I thought the hard disk might have gone so I should buy a new one, at the time my friend gave me a solution to try changing the SATA port and do the installation, I did it and to my surprise everything was fine.

So if you come across the same situation which I had faced such has pc working to too slow or OS installation failure try changing the SATA port for your hard disk in your motherboard.

There might be various reasons for PC to work slow, be it due to virus or other malware issues, if you find PC slow even after antivirus scan and also using of optimization software won’t works the problem would be with SATA port of the motherboard.

If the problem persists even after changing the SATA port we may conclude that the problem would be with HDD, so changing the hard drive is the only option after you have kept backup of the important data of yours.