Financial Accounting Question Paper NEP

November 29, 2022 By techwithin 0

I Semester B.Com./LSCM/A&F/TTM/IAS/DA.
Degree Examination, May/June – 2022

Financial Accounting

(NEP CBCS Semester Scheme 2021-2022 Regular)

Answer any Five sub questions. Each sub question carries Two marks. (5X2=10)

  1. a. What are Accounting standards?
    b.What is cash basis of Accounting?
    c. Give the meaning of sole proprietor.
    d.What is Del – credere commission?
    e. What is Royalty?
    f. What is Environmental Accounting?
    g. What is Digital Transformation of Accounting?

Download the Bangalore City University Financial Accounting Question Paper NEP of 2022