Apr 29, 2013

Duplicate Files Finder & Remover

When you have lots of pictures, music & video collected from internet and from friends chances you might have several same files loaded without your knowledge, this simply waste the space of the hard drive, at this time Simple Duplicate File Finder comes into rescue.
DupFinder can find the files duplicate files in the drive or folder with 100% match or required percentage of your desire but it is always better choose 100%.

1. Download DUPFinder here
2. Open DUPFinder.exe
3. Let the Required match be 100% for safety
4. You can also select the extension filter if you need
5. Select Add option and select any drive except C or any folder you need to find duplicate files.
6. Then select Start Search option to start the process, it would be a time consuming process depending on amount of files located.
7. After scan is complete you will get the files listed, carefully check them manually once, after confirming it as a duplicate file remove it which will be marked as dup in the status.


Note: Never try to find duplicate files in C: Drive.

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