Digital Fluency – B.Com 1st Semester NEP Syllabus, Bangalore City University

November 24, 2021 By techwithin 0

Digital Fluency is a Skill Enhancement Course for UG Students which is common for all programs by Bangalore City University. Digital Fluency is nothing but basics of computers.

Unit 1: Fundamentals of Computer

Introduction, Objectives, Computer/Mobile/Tablet and their application, Components of a computer system, Central Processing Unit, Common Input & Output Devices, USB Ports and Pen Drive, Connecting Power Cord, Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor and Printer to CPU.

Unit 2: Word Processor

Introduction, Objectives, Word Processing Basic, Opening Word Processing Package, Title Bar, Menu Bar, Toolbars & Sidebar, Creating a New Document, Opening and Closing Documents, Opening Documents, Save and Save As, Closing Document, Using the Help, Page Setup, Print Preview, Printing of Documents, PDF File and saving a Document as PDF file, Document Manipulation and Formatting, Text Selection, Cut, Copy and Paste, Font, Color, Style and Size Selection, Alignment of Text, Undo and Redo, Spelling and Grammar, Shortcut Keys.

Unit 3: Internet

Introduction, Objectives, Internet, Protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, Concept of Internet and WWW, Website Address and URL, Applications of Internet, Modes of Connecting Internet (Hotspot, Wi-Fi, LAN Cable, Broadband, USB Tethering), Popular Web Browsers (Internet Exploer/Edge, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox), Exploring the Internet, Surfing the Web, Popular Search Engines, Searching on Internet.

Unit 4: E-mail

Introduction, Objectives, Structure, Protocols: SMTP, IMAP, POP3, Opening Email Account,

Mailbox: Inbox and outbox, Creating and Sending a New E-mail, CC, BCC, Replying, Mail Merge, Forwarding, Attachments, Scheduling, Password Protect, Delete.