Computer Networks Lab Manual

November 21, 2022 By techwithin 0

Computer Networks Lab Manual – BCA 3rd Semester – Bangalore City University & Bangalore University


  1. Execute the following commands:
    arp, ipconfig, hostname, netdiag, netstat, nslookup, pathping, ping route, tracert
  2. Study of different types of network cables.
  3. Practically implement the cross-wired cable and straight wired cable using crimping tool.
  4. Study of network IP address configuration: (Classification of address, static and dynamic address)
  5. Study of network IP address configuration: (IPv4 and IPv6 , Subnet, Supernet)
  6. Study of network devices: ( Switch, Router, Bridge)
  7. Configure and Connect the computer in LAN.
  8. Block th e website using “Windows Defender Firewall” in windows 10.
  9. Share the folder in a system, and access the files of that folder from other system using IP address .
    10.Share the printer in Network, and take print from other PC.
    11.Configuration of wifi hotspot, and connect other devices (mobile / laptop).
    12.Configuration of switches.
    13.Configuration of I/O box fixing.
    14.Making your own patch cord.
    15.Configuration of VLAN using Packet Tracer/ GNS3
    16.Configuration of VPN using Packet Tracer/ GNS3

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