Computer Architecture NEP

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COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE NEP Syllabus – BCA 2nd Semester – Bangalore City University


Number Systems: Binary, Octal, Hexa decimal numbers, base conversion, addition, subtraction of binary numbers, one’s and two’s complements, positive and negative numbers, character codes ASCII, EBCDIC. Computer Arithmetic: Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division algorithms, Floating-point Arithmetic Operations, Decimal arithmetic operations. Structure of Computers: Computer types, Functional units, Basic operational concepts, Von-Neumann Architecture, Bus Structures, Software, Performance, Multiprocessors and Multicomputer, Digital Logic Circuits: Logic gates, Boolean algebra, Map Simplification. Combinational Circuits:  Half Adder,  Full Adder , f l i p flops. Sequential circuits: Shift registers,Counters, Integrated Circuits, Mux, Demux, Encoder,Decoder.Data representation: Fixed and Floating point.


Basic Computer Organization and Design: Instruction codes, Computer Registers, Computer Instructions and Instruction cycle. Timing and Control, Memory-Reference Instructions, Input-Output and interrupt. Central processing unit: Stack organization, Instruction Formats, Addressing Modes, Data Transfer and Manipulation, Complex Instruction Set Computer (CISC) Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC), CISC vs RISC


Register Transfer and Micro-operations: Register Transfer Language, Register Transfer, Bus and Memory Transfers, Arithmetic Micro-Operations, Logic Micro-Operations, Shift Micro-Operations, Arithmetic logic shift unit. Micro-programmed Control: Control Memory, Address Sequencing, Micro-Program example, Design of Control Unit. Input Output: I/O interface, Programmed IO, Memory Mapped IO, Interrupt Driven IO, DMA. Instruction level parallelism: Instruction level parallelism (ILP)-over coming data hazards, limitations of ILP


Memory System: Memory Hierarchy, Semiconductor Memories, RAM(Random Access Memory), Read Only Memory (ROM), Types of ROM, Cache Memory, Performance considerations, Virtual memory, Paging, Secondary Storage, RAID. Multiprocessors And Thread level Parallelism: Characteristics of multiprocessors, Multi-Threaded Architecture, Distributed Memory MIMD Architectures, Interconnection structures.