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Mar 5, 2015

Google Adsense for Newbies

Google Adsense is the best Publisher program available for bloggers & website owners to make good money online. Now a days getting a adsense approval is really a tough task. My site got approved after applying 3 or 4 times.

Easy Method of adsense approval available is via YouTube, where your application will be approved soon but it will be a host account in order to display ads on your website there will be one time verification, if you’re site gets approved you can easily use the account on any other websites you own having that site complies to google policy.

Before applying Adsense make sure you have the original & unique contents for your website, better design, neat and clean layouts, should be easily navigable, number of posts does not matter for the approval process, better to include about us page as well as privacy policy page. Your traffic does not counts for approval, even if you get less visitors you can still apply to adsense program.

If you get your website approved, some of the don’t s you must follow

1. Never click your own ads even if you want to test them, better use adblocker for your computer.

2. Never ask friends, relatives, visitors of your site to click ads to support your site.

3. Never buy a traffic from traffic exchange sites, bux sites, etc and also Link Referral is not recommended.

Earning Estimation

If you get 100 visitor per day with 1000 impressions with 1% CTR you can easily earn up to 1 US$ per day that is 60 INR for Indians.

To earn at-least 10,000 Rupees per month your website needs 10000+ impressions per day with 1% CTR. Clicks from US & UK will have high click value.

Feb 4, 2015

ICICI B2 – PayPal & Play Store for India


icici b2

Its really difficult to verify PayPal account of Indians without a credit card. The debit cards which might be accepted by PayPal for Indians are ICICI Bank which requires high minimum balance not everybody can afford.

ICICI Bank has also have a zero balance saving account which is digital account.

ICICI B2 which is of zero balance savings account & provides a virtual credit card which can be used to verify PayPal account and do purchases at Google Play Store without any hassles.

Getting an B2 account is simple, visit there site for more information here

Uses of B2 Account

Easy to use, fund via NEFT, withdraw b2 funds to your other bank accounts via NEFT

  • Better Interest rate for Savings Account
  • Can be used to do mobile recharge, pay electricity bills, etc

Uses of B2 Virtual Card

  • Can be used online anywhere VISA is accepted
  • Can be used to verify PayPal account
  • Can be used to make purchases at Play Store
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