Buying Bitcoin Ideas for first timers

December 12, 2022 By techwithin 0

As all we know Bitcoin is a Cryptocurrency / Virtual Currency is a decentralized digital currency. Bitcoin usage began in 2009.

The Bitcoin is widely used for investment purpose but due to its popularity it is now being used to buy services especially for digital products.

So can Bitcoin be obtained without real money?

Of course, Bitcoins are obtained through process called mining, where a computer needs to solve complex problems, to do this one needs a huge computing resource with high end processors and high end multiple GPU setup and heavy electricity requirement makes it a non-viable option for many.

One can earn few fractions of Bitcoin through GPT sites or Survey sites, there are many legitimate sites which to offer Bitcoin as payment option, I recommend to stay away from these kinds of sites as it kills your time.

So finally before making your step ahead to buy Bitcoin with money I recommend trusted exchangers like Local Bitcoin, AirTM where you can easily buy coins with ease.

You can also buy Bitcoin through Credit/Debit cards from sites like, coinmama, indacoin, etc.,

You should have a wallet to store Bitcoin, there are web based wallets and hardware wallets which are more secure, I recommend to go with web based wallet by Blockchain at first.

You can buy digital services with Bitcoin such as Web Hosting and related service at NameCheap and other providers.

The advantage of purchasing through Bitcoin is only due to anonymity it offers other than its con is it requires a miner fee every time a transaction is made.