Sep 16, 2015

BSNL 2 Mbps Minimum Speed with FUP from October 2015

BSNL which launched the Broadband service in India 10 years back is one of the best ISP in India, I came know to that BSNL has 110 Million Subscribers in India.
BSNL’s first introduced unlimited plan which was 256kbps which changed to 512kbps in 2009-10, as per these changes one can expect that 1 Mbps unlimited or 2 Mbps unlimited might be possible within 2 or 3 years from now on for 600 Rupees per month, 600 Rs is the current average price for the 512kbps in India.

Recent news is, BSNL is making the minimum broadband speed with FUP to 2 Mbps upto max 12 GB limited with different plans later same 512kbps unlimited from October 2015

BSNL has one of the best plan compared to any other ISP’s in India, the plan which I am talking about is BBG Combo ULD 1091 CS 70 which offers speed upto 8 Mbps till 60 GB later 512kbps, the advantage of this plan are there is no rental for phone along with night free calling. I am getting the bill max 1300 INR including all taxes without making a single phone call.

(This is temporary offer from BSNL in selected cities which will probably end in first week of October 2015, so grab them early, I am getting nearly 7 Mbps with my Dlink 2600u modem)

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