Accessing System Volume Information Folder

April 27, 2013 By techwithin 0
system volume information

Accessing System Volume Information Folder:

System Volume Information is a system folder which will be hidden that stores all the data needed for system restore tool. Every partition has its own System Volume folder.
System Volume Information folder is a storehouse for viruses because most of the viruses automatically gets to this folder so that even if the user restores won’t be safe from the virus.
In order to gain access this folder and delete the unwanted data there is command called CACLS.

1. Go to Folder Options & select Show Hidden Files & Folder.
2. Then select Hide Protected Operating System Files accept the warning.
3. Open cmd from Run
4. Type the command cacls “driveletter:\System Volume Information” /E /G username:F
Ex. cacls “C:\System Volume Information” /E /G username:F
Note: In Command Prompt before appling cacls you should be in the root folder of the partition which you need to access.
5. After that you’ll see the message processed dir x:\system volume information
6. Now you can access the folder
7. Repeat the same for the other partition with their drive name

system volume information