Mar 6, 2015

10 Years of BSNL Broadband

Year 2015 marks the 10th anniversary of BSNL Broadband in India after launching in 2005. BSNL started its broadband by the name DataOne which is now simply BSNL Broadband. Around 2006 BSNL had launched 256kbps unlimited connection within 1k by 2010 this speed has been upgraded to 512kbps, till today that is 2015 there is no change from 512kbps.

BSNL has to launch 1 mbps UL plan instead of 512kbps this year.

Currently BSNL as the best Unlimited PlansĀ  with Fair Usage Policy and also without FUP but it is costly, You have to Pay almost 3k for 2mbps unlimited plan.

Lets hope BSNL launch cheap 2 mbps unlimited plan within this year.

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